ICQ for Mac OS X.
Calls and group messages

Use high quality video calls, chat and group
conversations to keep in touch with friends
and loved ones.

Free voice
& video calls

Use free voice and video calls in ICQ and stay in touch with your loved ones.
Say hello, see each other smile and stay connected wherever you are. Unlimited free calling in ICQ for Mac OS X.

  • Group

    Need to discuss something with a few friends? Create a group chat in ICQ, add all the people you need to talk to and start chatting – it’s that easy.

  • File

    Send photos, videos, documents and any other files in ICQ. Instantly share files with your contacts directly in your dialogue window.

  • Social

    Connect ICQ with your social network accounts and chat with all of your friends in one app. Messaging is so much easier with ICQ.

and colorful stickers

Take your chat to the next level with ICQ stickers! Great variety of stickers will help you express your mood and share your emotions without typing a single word.