ICQ — stay connected

Convert audio messages to text,
use smart replies, stay online
even with bad internet connection

For all platforms

Smart. Fast. Everything you want it to be.

Smart. Fast. Everything you want it to be.

to text

Now you can convert audio messages to text


Use a suggested reply or a sticker based on conversation theme

Reply with
just one tap

Messenger analyzes the text and suggests the quickest way to reply with text or a sticker

Call up quickly
in voice or video

Without long “dialing” and breaking calls

Showcase of popular
channels and groups

Reactions for messages,
views counter

Push to talk
when there is no
time for texting

Send audio with one touch or walkie-talkie

Switch over

Conversation history is synced across all devices

Chat in
huge groups

up to 25k members

  • chat polls
  • you can see who has read a message
  • chat members do not see each other phone numbers
  • public chat search is available
  • you can make access by confirmation
  • add members via qr code

Send, delete
or edit messages

Reply to multiple messages at once!

Share your username
without having to share
your number

However you like, let everyone know that you’re now in ICQ

Send photos
and videos
without compression

Even movies! In ICQ you can send original photos and videos. You can also decide whether to save it in your device or not

Bots and API

Use already made bots or create your own!

API for developers