Types of chat rooms

A chat room is a space where you can communicate by text and voice and send photos, videos, and documents. A chat room can consist of a small group of close friends or colleagues, or a large community with no limit on the number of members.
Types of chat rooms
Chat– an exchange of any type of messages: text, voice, photos, videos and documents.
For example, a chat about interests and hobbies, a chat discussing news and events in your city or region, chatting to make friends and new acquaintances or communication with existing clients or potential new ones.
Channel- members can only read what you publish. You can also allow certain members to write on the channel.
This could be a channel run by a store or a coffee shop to inform customers about its goods or promotions, a company’s news channel, or a channel with your favorite recipes, life hacks or recommendations and thoughts about the various facets of life.
Voice chat- communication using voice messages only.
You can sing together, write songs or tell stories and chat when you're on the road and it's inconvenient to chat by text.
Voice channel- only the owner and selected members can publish voice messages, while the other members can listen only.
This is for themed podcasts, news with your own commentary, parodies and anecdotes, stories and interesting tales from life.
Creating a chat room
You can create a chat room from the chat window or the display window.
Be sure to add an avatar and title to make the chat room easy to find in the display window and on the chat screen.
The person creating the chat room has special rights for managing it, including changing its key settings and designating its administrators.

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