ICQ for iOS.
Free calls and text messaging

All-in-one messenger for iOS!
Free text messages, group chat,
video calls, photo sharing and bright stickers.

Free video calls

No matter how far you are, you can always meet up in a free high-quality ICQ video chat. Wave hello to your friends and loved ones, all you need is ICQ on your iPhone or iPad.

  • Group

    Get together in ICQ group chat! Make weekend plans or discuss last night’s movie with everyone at once. Create ICQ group chat with unlimited number of participants.

  • Free messages

    Chat all day long with free unlimited messaging in ICQ.

  • Photos
    and videos

    Share your brightest moments with your friends - send photos, videos and other files to your friends in ICQ. Multimedia sharing in ICQ is free, fast and secure.

and emoji

ICQ has everything you need to express your mood and emotions. When words are not enough, send colorful and funny stickers and emoji to your friends.